Nomura NN-25RYA Swiss Style CNC lathe

Nomura NN-25RYA Swiss Style CNC lathe

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1995 Nomura Swiss Style CNC lathe Model NN-25RYA Bar Capacity: 1" Max. Length: Stationary Guide Bushing: 11" Drill Capability: 1/2" Tap Capability: 3/8" No. Of Tools: 6 For Turning 3 For End Working No. Cross Milling, Milling, Cross Positions Have X, Z, & C Axis Capability, Y Positioning At 400-5000 RPM Tool Shank: 3/4" Main Spindle: 300-6000 RPM Max. Rapid Speed: 400"/min Min. Setting Dimension: .0001" Main Motor: 3.7/5.5 kw Floor Area Required: 36"x70" Weight (approx.): 4894 lbs Equipped With: Mitsubishi 320 LN-1 CNC Control 4 Live Cross Drilling Spindles


ModelNN-25RYA Swiss Style CNC lathe
Rotating guide bushing8"
Drilling & tapping positions4