2009 Hwacheon 2M-5AX

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2009 Hwacheon 2M-5AX CNC 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

5 axis Universal Machining Center

Specification M2-5AX 20,000RPM
A-Axis Stroke (Tilting)/C-Axis Stroke (Rotary) +30~-120/360
Compressed Air Supply (Pressure x Consumption) 0.5~0.7MPa x 690Nℓ/min
Coolant 15.85 gal
Coolant Motor (Spindle/Chip Flushing) 0.55/1.2 HP
Distance Between Columns 58.27 inch
Distance Between Columns to Spindle Center 4.72 inch
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Gauge Plane 2.95~22.64 inch
Electric Power Supply 65.00 kVA
Feed Motor (A/C) 5.5/5.5 HP
Feed Motor (XY/Z) 5.5/9.5/5.5 HP
Feedrate (X/Y/Z) 0.04~945 ipm
Floor Space (LxW) 119.09 x 145.47 inch
Height 121.65 inch
Hydraulic 5.28 gal
Lubrication 3.17 gal
Max. Spindle Speed 20000.00 rpm
Max. Tool Diameter (without Adjacent Tools) 3.15/6.69 inch
Max. Tool Length 11.81 inch
Max. Tool Weight 17.64 lb
Method of Operation (Magazine/Swing Arm) Servo Motor/Servo Motor
Method of Spindle Lubrication & Cooling Oil-Jet Lub. + Jacket Cooling
Method of Tool Selection Memory Random
NC Controller Fanuc 31i-B5
Rapid Speed (A/C) 8.3/33.3 rpm
Rapid Speed (X/Y/Z) 1,969/1,969/1,969 ipm
Spindle Bearing Inner Dia 2.76 inch
Spindle Cooler (50/60Hz) – Inverter Type 6.7/7.5 HP
Spindle Motor 30/25 HP
Table Loading Capacity 661.39 lbs
Table Surface Configuration (T Slots W x P - No. of Slots) 0.55 x 3.15 - 5 ea inch
Tool Storage Capacity 30 (Opt.: 60) ea
Type of Pull Stud MAS P40T-1 (45˚)
Type of Spindle Taper Hole BBT40 (BIG-PLUS ISO#40, 7/24 Taper)
Type of Tool Shank BT-40 (Opt.: CAT-40, HSK-A63)
Weight 24251.00 lb
Working Surface 19.69 inch
X-Axis Stroke (Longitudinal Movement of Spindle) 29.50 inch
Y-Axis Stroke (Cross Movement of Spindle) 25.29 inch
Z-Axis Stroke (Vertical Movement of Spindle) 19.69 inch