2001 Hitachi Super Hicell CH 250

2001 Hitachi Super Hicell CH 250

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Hitachi Seiki Super Hicell CH 250

Model CH 250

SN CH20084

Model Year 2001

Running hours (11/19/21): 4062

36KVA, 208-240V 3ph

178'' x 76'' x 90'' (with Chip Conveyor, right side discharge)


Main Spindle

25HP Momentary/20HP continuous

Integrated C-axis (no belts or encoders, main spindle is one large servo-motor)

Spindle Nose: A2-8

Bar Capacity: 2.5'' x 48''

Max Spindle Speed: 4,000 RPM

Chuck: 10'' MMK 3-jaw chuck with 2.5'' through hole

Liquid cooled

Sub Spindle

15/10 HP

Integrated C-axis

Spindle Nose: A2-5

Max Spindle Speed: 5,000 RPM

Chuck: 8'' MMK 3-Jaw (yes it really is an 8 inch)

Liquid Cooled

Milling Spindle

10/7.5 HP

Spindle Taper: KV4540

Max Speed: 8,000 RPM

Oil Mist Lubricated and liquid cooled

Integrated spindle motor, direct drive, no backlash

TSC through spindle coolant (~218PSI)


X axis 23.62''

Z axis 39.37''

Y axis 6'' (+/-3'')

B axis 0-180 degrees by .001'

C axes 360 degrees by .001'

This model cannot do full 5 axis contouring. The B-axis can be locked into any position 0.000-180.000 and turning and milling can be accomplished. With the B-axis clamped XYZC can be commanded simultaneously.

Tool Changer

Double arm toolchanger with tool pre-staging

20 + 2 tool capacity

Max Diameter: 4''

Max Length: 9.84''

Max Weight: 15lb


Fanuc 16i (Sigma 16, Hitachi Seiki Overlay)

512kB onboard memory, set up to drip feed from PC (unlimited program length)

PCMCIA card interface

RS232 interface

64 Tool Offsets

64 Tool life management

Polar interpolation

Circular interpolation

3D coordinate interpolation (program like a normal mill orientation at any B-angle)

4+1 simultaneous control

Other Features

Factory Parts catcher

Grease lubricated ballscrews and linear guides

Q-setter automatic tool setting for milling and turning tools (built in type)

~30 milling and/or turning holders, TBD I have 2 machines for sale

A lot of spare parts

Y axis was recently rebuilt, guides, screw, thrust bearings probably has 500 hours on it.


ModelSuper Hicell CH 250