Livonia, MI


OKUMA Intelligent Multitasking Model MULTUS B200II (W} with OSP-P300S CNC Controller (15 inch OSP suite) Including CE mark 2017 Standard Specification Main spindle motor PREX 11/7.5kW (20 min./cent) Main spindle speed, 50 .. 6,000 min-1, (Auto two-shift,PREX) Main spindle 140flat, bore dia. 62mm C-axis control, 360 degree at 0.001degree increment No chuck & no tube for Main-Spindle Hollow cylinder SR1146 for main spindle, not incl. draw tube Y-axis stroke 160mm (+80mm- -80mm) H1 ATC turret HSK-A63 Max tool weight: 4kg Max tool length: 200mm (from gauge line) 20-tool ATC Rotary tooldrive motor. VAC 12/8 kW ( 5 min./cont) Rotary tool spindle speed, 50- 12,000 min-1 Sub spindle motor PREX11/7.5KW(20min./cont.) Sub spindle speed, 50- 6,000 min-1, (Auto two-shift, PREX) Sub spindle 140flat, bore dia. 62mm No chuck & no tube for Sub-Spindle Hollow cylinder SR1146 for sub spindle, not incl. draw tube Chuck air blower for main + sub spindle Hydraulic power unit "Pre-arrangement for High pressure coolant unit 7MPa UM through spindle coolant pressure high/low switchable function (High/Low pressure pumps and filter unit will be arranged locally)" Pump for Chip flusher and ExternalM-spindle coolant:0.8kW(MTH2-50/5) +Pumping pump:0.88kW(MTH4-4013) Totally enclosed chip and coolant shield Door interlock Work light, LED, left and right each Foundation washers and leveling jack screws Machine lifting hooks & hand tools Chuck auto open I close with confirmation for main + sub spindle M spindle through coolant supply spec. S-axis indexing, 0.001 degree indexing Lubrication monitor A-1+ Hydraulic original Chip pan Application for IEC standard Touch setter M Double type chuck operation pedal CE mark and EMC Dummy holder HSK-A63 OSP-P300S 3D-M-E kit specifications *Workpiece coordinate system selection 10 sets *Coordinate conversion *Profile generation *Coordinate computation (including NYCL command) *Coordinate change: shift, rotate, copy *Real 3D simulation *Cycle time over check *Load monitor (spindle, feed axis) *NC operation monitor (incl. counter and totalization function) "Signal tower 2 colours *Spindle speed modulation control *Cycle time reduction function *Hi-Cut Pro Colour 15" touch display Thermo-Friendly Concept (H1 TAS-S and TAS-C) Collision Avoidance System Toolcompensation* Implemented as "simple operations" functions Workpiece jump out detection Electrical Power Source Application to suite local power source at each countries