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Manufacturer: Miyano
Model: ABX-51TH2
Year: 2009
Machining Capacity:
Standard Turning Length 125mm
Max. Bar Diameter (Main Spindle/Sub Spindle) 51mm/51mm
Max. Power Chuck Size (Main Spindle) 6"
Max. Power Chuck Size (Sub Spindle) 6"
Axis Travel:
HD1-Upper Turret
X1-Axis 190mm
Z1-Axis 257mm
Y1-Axis +/- 40mm
HD2-Lower Turret
X2-Axis 190mm
Z2-Axis 500mm
HD3-Upper Turret
X3-Axis 190mm
Y3-Axis +/- 40mm
Z3-Axis 650mm
Number of Spindles 2
Spindle Nose (Main/Sub Spindle) A2-6
Spindle Speed Range (Main/Sub Spindle) 50-5000 RPM
I.D. Draw Tube (Main/Sub Spindle) 52mm
Chuck Cylinder; Hydraulic Rotary Hollow Cylinder
Collet Chuck for Left: Spindle (collets not includ) DIN 177E
Collet Chuck for Right Spindle (collets not includ) DIN 177E
Spindle Motors:
Left Spindle: 15/11Kw cont./30 min
Right Spindle: 7.5/5.5Kw
cont./30 min
Number of Turrets 3
Number of Turret Stations:
Upper Turret HD1/HD3 & Lower Turret HD2 12
Main & Sub Spindle Positioning: "C" Axis
(Spindle orientation to both Main & Sub Spindles)

Revolving Tools:
Number of Rotating Tool Stations:
Upper HD1/Upper HD3 12
Lower HD1 12
Speed Range:
Upper HD1/Upper HD3 40-4000 RPM
Lower HD1 40-4000 RPM
Machine weight (approx) 20,944

Equipped With
(Standard accessories)
12 Station Upper Turrets HD1 & Hd3 & 12 Station Lower Turret HD2
Fanuc VAC 15 kw/11 kw for Main Spindle & VAC 7.5 kw/5.5 kw for Sub Spindle.
C Axis Control to Main & Sub-Spindles
Y Axis Control to Upper Turret HD1 and Upper Turret HD3
Tool Setter for HD1, HD2 and HD3
Automatic Lubricating System
Coolant System
Hydraulic equipment, Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder for Main & Sub Spindles
Chuck Close/Open Confirmation Switch for Main & Sub Spindle
Splash Guard with Door Interloock System
Machine Light, Pneumatics Unit
Spindle Assembly for DIN 177 E for Main & DN 177E Sub
Inner Coolant, Cylinder-type Work Ejector and Air Blow for Sub Spindle
Servo Driven Parts Catcher for Main & Sub Spindles
Parts Conveyor, High Pressure Coolant for Upper & Lower Turrets (HD1,HD2 & HD3)
High Pressure Coolant for Upper & Lower Turrets (HD1,HD2 & HD3)
Total & Pre-Set Counter, Manual Retrace Function
Filler Tube Assembly, Signal Tower 3-Step,
Double Spindle Orientation
Revolving Tool Drive Unit for Upper & Lower Turrets (HD1, HD2 & HD3)
Cut-off Confirmation - Electrical Type
Cut-off Confirmation - Mechanical Type
Auto Power Shut Off, Coolant Level Switch
Coolant Level Switch
Chip Conveyor-Hinge type for General purpose Usage-Outlet Ht. 1Metre
Disc Brake to both Main & Sub Spindle
Tool Monitoring System (Inc Fanuc N.C. Option and Miyano Software)
Tooling Package:
Miyano Recommended Set of toolholders
Turning Tool Holder A & B
Bar Feed Interface
Fanuc 31i-TA Control:
Constant Surface Speed Control
Multiple Repetitive Cycles
Chamfering/Corner R Compensation
Tool Nose Radius Compensation
Inch/Metric Conversion
Geometry and Wear Offsets
Polar Coordinate Interpolation
Cylindrical Interpolation
Parts Program Storage Length 320m
Background Editing
Rigid Tapping Function with Custom macro B for Revolving Tools
Rigid Tapping Function for Main & Sub Spindle
Direct Drawing Dimension input
Extended part Program Editing
Alarm Display, G10 Function, Overlapping Function for HD2, HD3 & Sub Spindle
Helical Interpolation, Polygon Turning, Run Hour/Parts Number Counting
Synchronous Mix Control
500 Sets of Program Counting
Note: New Replacement Price Exceeds $600,000.00 Today