2005 Tsugami BU26-SY


2005 Tsugami BU26-SY

Livonia, MI


2005 Tsugami BU26-SY  CNC Swiss Type Lathe Fanuc 18i-TB 2

This Machine has (8) Fully Controllable Axis (X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Y2, Z2, Z3)

26MM Bar Capacity (1.023")

Main Slide Tools:

4 x 16mm Stick Tool Holders

2 x Live Cross Drilling/Milling

Turret Tools:

8 Station Interchangeable Tool Holders

QTY 1 - 3233-H040 - 4 Tool Turning Holder

QTY 2 - 3233-Y340 - Double Cross Drilling Head ER16

QTY 1 - 3233-Y360 - Powered Cross Drill ER25

QTY 2 - 3233-H060 - Double Axial Drilling Holder

QTY 1 - 3231-H010 – Single Axial Drill Holder

Equipped With:

Full C Axis Control on Main Spindle

C Axis Indexing on Sub Spindle (5 Degree Resolution)

Chip Blaster 5 Channel High Pressure Coolant System (M Code Controlled)

LNS Hydrobar Express 332 Bar Loader

Collets and Guide Bushings Included

Valueable Key Options Included:  LNS 332 Swiss-Turn Interface 12ft. Mag. Barfeed

With 2-Channel Sets, Chipblaster 1000 PSI High Pressure System, All  Available Live & Static

Tool Holders & Large Collet Set Included in Photos