2010 NEXTURN SA26X Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machine with Fanuc 18iTB

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NEXTURN SA26X Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machine with Fanuc 18iTB 2010

Machinig Capacity
Max. Turning Bar Dia (Main/Sub) 26mm/26mm
Max. Turning Bar Length 70mm
Max. Drilling I Tapping 12mm/M10X1.5
Max. Sub Spindle Chucking dia. 26mm
Spindle Motor (Main) 3.7/ 2.2 Kw
Spindle Motor (Sub) 3.7/ 2.2 Kw
Max. Main Spindle Speed 8,000
Max. Sub Spindle Speed 8,000
Total No. of Tools 24
No. of Turning / ID Tools (for Main Spindle) 6/5
Bite Shank Size 16/120mm
Back Tools (for Sub Spindle) 7 (4 Revolving/3 Turning)
Turning / ID Tools (for Sub Spindle) 3/4
Tool Size 16/120mm
No. of Cross Revolving Tools (X/Y) 2/4
No. of Revolving Tools (Z) 2+2
Max. Tool Spindle Speed 6,000
Max. Revolving tool Drill, Tap 10mm/M8X1.25
Tool Spindle Motor (XY) 1.0Kw
Slide Travel (XI/YI/ZI) 135/260/70mm
Slide Travel (X2fY2/Z2) 180/220/235mm
Rapid Traverse 24m/Min
Motor (XYZ) 1.0Kw
Coolant Pump .9Kw
Lubrication Pump Unit .04Kw
Coolant Capacity 195
Spindle Center Height 1,000mm
Length X Width X Height 2,300 X 1,460 X 1,750mm
Weight 3,400Kg

Equipped With :
2 off center cross drill unit (front / T09,T10)
- Back revolving tools (4 live / T34-T37)
- M code oil blow
- MPG program check
- Transformer (380V/220V)
- Barfeeder IEMCA Super GS-326 (Guide channel dia. 20mm)
- Additional guide channel dia. 13mm