2006 OKUMA Multus B300-W


2006 OKUMA Multus B300-W

Livonia, MI


2006 Okuma Multus B300-W 5-Axis CNC Lathe

2006 | OKUMA MULTUS B300-W | S/N: 126304





Max Machining Diameter: 17.72"

Max Working Distance Between Spindles: 35.43"

Main Spindle Chuck Size: 10"

X-Axis (Cross Travel of Universal Head): 22.83"

Z-Axis (Longitudinal Travel of Universal Head): 36.80"

Y-Axis (Travel of Universal Head): 6.299"

B-Axis (Rotation of Universal Head): 225°

W-Axis (Sub-Spindle Slide): 33.46"

C-Axis (Indexing Positions of Main Spindle): .001°

C2-Axis (Indexing Positions of Sub-Spindle): .001°

Main Spindle Bore: 3.1"

Main Spindle Nose: A2-8

Main Spindle Horsepower: 20 HP

Main Spindle Speed Range: 50 - 3,800 RPM

Sub-Spindle Horsepower: 20 HP

Sub-Spindle Speed Range: 38 - 5,000 RPM

Automatic Tool Changer Capacity (ATC): 60 Total

Live Tooling Horsepower: 15 HP

Live Tooling Speed Range: 90 - 6,000 RPM

Machine Cutting Hours: 7,700

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 166" x 90"

Approximate Machine Height: 102"

Approximate Machine Weight: 24,000 LBS           


Okuma OSP P200L CNC Control

Big Bore Option, 62mm Thru Hole

10" 3-Jaw Chuck on Main

8" 3-Jaw Chuck on Sub

60 Position ATC

Parts Catcher

Renishaw Tool Setter

Helical Cutting for Macturn

*Only Cut Aluminum


ModelMultus B300-W